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Chase Night Posts

On Witchcraft, Demons, and Sadness

I’d never been in a YA section with an actual YA person before. It felt like releasing a wild animal into is natural habitat, and I wanted to run around and show it all the cool rocks and sticks to be found, but I knew that would be counterproductive so I hung back, let her take the first tentative steps into this brave new world on her own terms. I held my breath as she reached for a book–

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On The Thick Darkness

I read an article today about how the old Internet is dead. I would link to that article, but since the old Internet is dead, why bother? Finding the link and copy-pasting it into the link function on my WordPress sounds boring, and the new Internet’s catch-phrase is “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

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Nativity: Live!

Two days after Halloween, during the Wednesday night service between the singing and the sermon, Brother Mackey presents Harvest Mission Pentecostal Church of Hickory Ditch with his next big idea—a living Nativity. It’ll take place in the vacant lot beside the church and star the youth group, a donkey, and a couple of sheep. Mackey doesn’t think a camel is in the budget but if anybody knows a guy who knows a guy who has a camel, please have him call Sister Sharon, the church secretary, ASAP.

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